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Gift your loved one a personal secretary with our 20% off Holiday Special

Help protect your loved ones from fraud

PhoneScreen is a personal secretary that screens unknown calls. Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe and your family’s assets are protected.

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Meet Judy

She lost $165,970 from a phone scammer claiming to be "tech support"

Unfortunately, Judy isn't alone. Seniors lose an estimated $2.9 - $36.5 billion a year from fraud. The average loss is $34,200 (U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

PhoneScreen keeps your loved one protected from the most common threats, from IRS scams to fake lotteries to scammers pretending to be grandchildren.

How It Works

Hear PhoneScreen in Action

See PhoneScreen In Action


Setup Process

Your loved one has an onboarding call with their personal secretary, a trusted friend they can call for any security questions.
When an unknown call is received on your phone, we screen the call live and make sure the caller is safe before sending it back to your loved one. We connect with your phone provider so there's no app install required

Keep track of who gets in and who gets out

Track Calls With Our Dashboard

Track calls with our dashboard

Carefree call filtering

We screen unknown calls for high-risk keywords before they reach your phone.

Works with any phone

We filter calls on both landline and mobile phones, so you're always protected.

A community of screeners

We share security tips and connect you with vetted screeners to answer any questions.

5 minute setup

Just connect an existing number to PhoneScreen and we'll handle the rest.


Answers that detail how our technology will work for you.

Have more questions?

Are my calls still private?

Absolutely! We are never part of a conversation beyond an initial filter test. Only you can see the details of your call history.

Can my friends and family reach me?

Our technology seamlessly integrates into the background of your life. We only screen unknown callers and never your contacts. This means everyone in your contact list will be able to call you like normal.

Who is this made for?

Our product is made for anyone that is tired of receiving scam calls. We're a layer of protection that makes your life easier.

How is the screening conducted?

We first check if the incoming phone number is on a blacklist with millions of known scam numbers. If the number is not on the blacklist, then our screeners, who are trained on all of the latest scams, verify the intent of the caller.

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$120 / Year

$99 / Year (20% off)

Protect your loved one for the entire 2020 year

Save 50%, or $80/year by purchasing a yearly plan


$15 / Month

Protect your loved one on a monthly basis.

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